Voice Lessons

Voice lessons here include more than singing. To sing well, we must be engaged in more than just the mechanics of the voice. Our affections, will, and thoughts are intimately connected with our ability to make beautiful music. In other words, how we feel, what we want, and what we think, will all affect our singing on any given day and in our life all together. I want to help students be aware of these issues and help them sing with their freest, fullest voice even on their most difficult days. To achieve this, students need an encouraging, thoughtful, and skilled teacher to find what it takes to sing their best. 

What do I teach?

I teach an Italian pedagogy of classical technique which is often described in part by the Italian word, chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro is simply the Italian words bright and dark put together, and this describes the resonance aimed for in this technique of teaching. Resonance is one of the primary factors address in a lesson. But before resonance can be addressed, we will work through inhalation & exhalation, posture, and later on diction, musicality, and performance skills. I teach this classical technique because it provides the best grounding for free singing in any style. The “rules” of classical singing are important to learn, because only once you learn them can you thoughtfully know when to break those rules when it is a benefit to do so.

That said, myself and my students enjoy singing a variety of styles of music from English folk to musical theater, big band to Disney, pop hits to worship songs. Of course, a few classical pieces will always be necessary to help us learn techniques, but you and your favorite styles will play a big role in helping us decide what to sing and learn.

What do I expect from you?

  • Payment and your presence (for lessons!) on time.

  • Commitment to practicing material the amount of time necessary to meet your weekly goals. We will discuss this for each individual student.

  • Bring a notebook, a water bottle, your music, and a willing, teachable spirit to each lesson!

What can you expect from me?

  • Helpful tools to assist you in meeting your vocal goals, no matter what the genre of music.

  • Encouragement and challenges for you to improve your vocal technique, musicality, and performance.

  • Openness to your thoughts, insights, and questions.

Payment Information

  • The cost is $22 per 30 minute lesson, or $40 per 60 minute lesson.

  • Payment is monthly by the 1st lesson of each month for the number of lesson weeks in that month. For example, if your voice lessons are on Mondays and there are 4 Mondays that month, your check would be written for $88.

  • A $5 late fee will be added for payments received after the first lesson week of the month.

  • You are responsible for tuition for the entire month, even if you aren’t able to attend each lesson, because your payment secures the time slot for me to be available to you.

  • Please make checks payable to “Libby Porto”.

Make-up and Missed Lessons

  • I expect each student to be at each lesson. However, if an illness or emergency arises that makes you unable to attend, please provide me with as much notice as possible.

  • Make-up lessons are made whenever possible but cannot be guaranteed.

A Final Word

Please ask any questions you might have or allow me to address any concerns on your mind.

I truly love to teach and love to sing. I hope that your lessons with me will give you freedom in your voice and more enjoyment as you make the most of your gift of singing.

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