From Students:

“I have been singing since I could talk, and began writing music and taking guitar lessons at age 7.  Through the years I had quite a few vocal teachers, I began taking lessons from Libby halfway through my junior year of high school. While I studied with her for the next year, I learned amazing vocal techniques that I still use today!

Two of my favorite songs I worked on with her, is a beautiful Italian piece ‘Lascia Ch’io Pianga’ by Rinaldo; and the wonderfully written ‘My Funny Valentine’ by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

She taught me that no matter what genre I sing, I can instill good breathing, annunciation, and create even energy throughout every song! Since training with Libby I have released an album on iTunes and moved to Nashville Tennessee where I am pursuing a career in the music industry.

I highly recommend Libby Porto. She is a sweet and encouraging teacher who truly cares about your voice, goals and dreams! I am so grateful that Libby opened her studio and home to me, she has taught me so much! I would not be anywhere near to where I am today without her guidance.”    ~Bethany Joy Johnson

Bethany Joy Johnson  Bethany has an album plus 2 singles released on iTunes and is currently pursuing a singing career in Nashville. You can find her on her website here or search for her albums on iTunes under Bethany Joy Johnson.

“I think the most important thing I gained from working with Libby was confidence. She always made singing fun by choosing songs that were appropriate for a 12 year old. They weren’t fancy classical pieces, but they were fun! I still sing “In my Own Little Corner”, “Maybe” and “Tomorrow” from Annie, and songs from the Sound of Music because they are some of my favorite songs to sing. Now, around 7 years later, I have done 5 years of showchoir, various honor choirs, and I sing in a collegiate choir. A lot of this all started by taking lessons in Libby’s studio when I was in middle school.”   ~Stacia Klaas

“Libby was not only instrumental in my life as a musician but as a mentor and friend. She was able to graciously guide me through some of the most formative years of my vocal career and helped prepare me for advanced choral singing and solo competitions. We worked on many styles of pieces throughout our years together and through those works she taught me how to master my strengths and improve in areas that did not come easily to me. Full of patience and understanding, Libby is the teacher for all ages and skill sets.”    ~Katy Davis

“Libby was a very encouraging and patient vocal instructor. She helped me learn to sing a variety of different musical pieces that I would not have ventured out to try on my own. I really enjoyed my lessons with her!”    ~Alycia Tunink

“Libby was such a great vocal teacher to me. She taught me how to sing correctly with a classical foundation, and her techniques that were given to me have been used to this day. I was very pleased with how she taught me, as well as the results. I am now pursuing my own artistry, as well as being apart of a worship team in college ministry. Libby was not only a solid teacher, but personally cared about my life. She was a constant encouragement every time I went to her house for training. I am ever so thankful for the 3 years she poured into me! “    ~Rebecca Tunink


Rebecca is now performing in her brother Ryan’s band Echo (see the website below), but also has her own single released on iTunes. It’s called “Front Door (Feat. Emily Carver)” by Becca.

“Libby was so gracious to me as I stepped into my first vocal lesson. I knew little about the logistics and the right ways to use my voice, yet, Libby used what I had been given to teach me how to properly use my voice and not damage my vocal chords. This enhanced my vocal range, my sound, and helped me access the techniques she taught me to better my singing. Not only does she know what she’s doing, but she is constantly being real with you with a positive attitude, with a honest reflection to your work and being developed with strong encouragement. I’m very grateful for the time I was given with her!”    ~Ryan Tunink  

Echo Band crop for Becca FB

Ryan Echo FB

Ryan is now a Christian rap and spoken word artist. You can hear his “What is Love” spoken word on Youtube here, and check out the official website of his band, Echo here. Their album, “Broken Connection”, is available on iTunes. (His sister Rebecca, another former student of mine, is also in the band.)

From Parents:

“Libby Porto was our daughters’ vocal instructor at a pivotal time in her life. She was transforming from a junior high girl who loved to sing into a high school student with desires for show choir solos and chamber choir honors. Libby’s ear could hear a budding voice that hadn’t quite developed, and she worked enthusiastically to develop it. With her instruction, our daughter blossomed! Not only as a vocalist (who did get that show choir solo and was selected for chamber choir-and even received All State honors), but also as a young woman confident in who she was. Libby encouraged her, challenged her, and coached her on to the next level. As a result of Libby’s instruction our daughter went on to minor in vocal music performance in college, was selected to participate in the Chamber Singers at her university, and was the featured soloist for their jazz band as well.

If you are looking for someone who will appreciate your child where they are, who will see the potential in your child, who will inspire your child to excel, and who will model for them with utmost character, then we highly recommend you pursue Libby as your child’s vocal instructor!” ~Scott & Ann Davis

“Libby was a recommendation from an acquaintance, who knew we were looking for voice training for our teen children.  Three of our teens had from one to three years  of vocal training from Libby.  During that time period, we found Libby to be consistent, professional, organized and well liked by everyone.  To date, our son and daughter, now young adults, are utilizing their training from Libby for singing on worship teams, and in the Christian music industry.  Our son is producing his second CD.  We recommend Libby Porto, not only for her outstanding qualifications, but also as someone who is a trustworthy mentor.”  ~Tonya & Bill Tunink


From Ms. Leanne Freeman-Miller

December 12, 2014

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of my former student, Lizabeth Porto, in assistance with her relocation to Madison, Wisconsin and her search for employment in music. I have taught at Drake University for over twenty years, and Ms. Porto remains one of the most musically talented and intellectually gifted young women I have worked with in my studio. Her skills as a singer, pianist and teacher are exceptional; therefore, I can highly recommend her as a studio voice teacher, studio piano instructor, and any other musical opportunity that may present itself.

As a singer, Ms. Porto possesses a beautiful, lyric soprano instrument. Her coloratura abilities are impressive, as are her musical instincts. In addition to the natural beauty of her instrument, she has always been an engaging, captivating performer. While at Drake, she was certainly viewed as one of our most gifted sopranos. She received honors at NATS & MTNA competitions, as well as in competitions within the Drake Music Department. Having heard her recently, I was reminded of how beautiful her voice is, now enhanced by age and maturity.

As a musician, Ms. Porto’s skills are superb. She is an excellent pianist and sigh-reader. Her musical instincts about phrasing, text delivery, and executing the composer’s intentions, combined with her own artistic choices, are excellent.

After graduation at Drake with a degree in Vocal Performance, Ms. Porto devoted her efforts to studio teaching, opening a successful voice studio in Des Moines. I was impressed with her students after working with them in several master classes, and more impressed with the fact that she afforded them this opportunity. Her students sang with the same solid, Italian-based technique that she wins with, in addition to singing with musical intention and finesse. It was also evident that she had a wonderful relationship with her students. Their respect and admiration for her was obvious, and parents remarked frequently about her wonderful work with their sons and daughters. Ms. Porto is interested in establishing herself in the Madison area as a singer, pianist, and teacher, and she is most certain to be an excellent addition to the musical community. I would highly recommend her as a studio teacher in voice (primary) and piano (secondary), as a collaborative pianist/accompanist, or director. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 515/988-4045 or leanne.freeman-miller@drake.edu.

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