Libby Porto grew up in a musical family, starting piano lessons with her mother at age three and singing in church with her father and sister at seven. Beginning voice lessons at age 15 with Drake University’s renowned Leanne Freeman-Miller was the start of formal vocal training as well as an inspiring mentorship. Libby went on to earn her Bachelor’s of Music in Voice and a minor in piano through Drake University with Ms. Freeman-Miller, receiving honors at NATS and MTNA competitions. You can read what Ms. Freeman-Miller has to say about Libby here.

Although Libby has received professional classical training, much of her recent musical expression has been in the area of modern and classic Christian worship. She has experience in performing solos and also coaching others, organizing a worship set, and leading worship with piano and voice.

As a voice teacher, Libby has spent time with children as young as 5 and adults up into their 60s. Her students have grown in poise and performance experience, all going on to use their voice in more ways, some even pursuing musical careers. You can read more about some of Libby’s students here.

As a piano teacher, Libby welcomes students young and old, beginning children as young as 6 years old. Playing piano has always been a joy to her, and she helps others find that joy by building skills, technique, and musicality at the keys.

As a singer, Libby is a lyric soprano with a clear tone and expressive performance style. Her sensitivity and experience in a church setting lends well to performing for weddings and funerals.

Accompanying is simply a natural marriage of Libby’s love for piano and voice. As the accompanist, she gets to enjoy playing piano and connect with another singer at the same time. Studying piano for 12 years and accompanying since high school, Libby is a skilled sight reader who understands the vocalist, playing sensitively to their lead.

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